Was it our best concert ever?  Reaching the end of Handel’s wondrous Dixit Dominus, audience and singers immersed in glorious sound, it certainly seemed very special. 

Some started the term wondering if we had bitten off more than we could chew.  Or at least sing.  Dixit Dominus is a virtuosic work which challenges the best of choirs.  The runs are tricky and, particularly in the long final movement, seem never-ending.  And the sopranos are divided.  It’s a huge sing, needing stamina and commitment as well as technical skill and musicality.

But somehow it all came together and we pulled it off, aided by guests singers from our conductor, Tony Bevan’s, extended musical family.  

The audience reaction was enthusiastic, and we all left buoyed by our performance of both Dixit Dominus and Bach Cantata No. 4, and the emotional impact of the music.  

It’s difficult getting the balance between stretching and overwhelming a choir.  But in Tony Bevan we have a conductor who doesn’t seem to doubt that we can do it, and that gives us confidence to achieve things that other choirs might shy from.  

I think we all feel it a huge privilege to sing such music locally.  And it gives younger soloists the chance to shine – in our case sopranos Anastasia Bevan and Amelia Monaghan; alto Simon Clulow, tenor Peter Harris and bass William Drakett supported by organist Matthew Rerdman and a small string orchestra.  

Well done all.  We look forward to our summer concert on Saturday 13 July at 7pm, St Benedict’s Church, Glastonbury.  

Eleanor Thomas